facebook page of prophet muhammad

Screenshot of the Facebook page of Prophet Muhammad (Founder of Islam).­

This Facebook page is a fake, of course.­ That's a screen-capture I took from time-code 1:22 of this very funny video about Facebook: www.­youtube.­com/­watch?v=kFKHaFJzUb4, created by "somegreybloke".­

Note: Paul of Tarsus, also called Paul the Apostle, is the disciple of Jesus who was instrumental in founding Christianity as a new religion.­

Richard "Lionheart" (a Christian King of England) and Saladin (a Muslim King, Sultan of Egypt and Syria) fought many religious wars.­

Also note that Prophet Muhammad has no profile picture on his Facebook page (and 0 photos available), as Muslim people believe that there should not be any image of the Prophet.­ However there are a number of historical representations of Prophet Muhammad, as you can see by doing a google image search of Prophet Mohammed.

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