kandi kids swapping bracelets

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Kandi Kids handshake - Swapping Bracelets

A Kandi Kid is commonly called a "Candy Raver", "Candee Child" or "Kandi Raver".­

Kandi ravers usually give or swap Kandi (i.­e.­ colorful beads bracelets) with new friends, and new ravers they have just met.­

For more information about Kandi Kids, read the album description.

Photo taken at the LovEvolution /­ Love Fest Festival (San Francisco).­

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Kandi Kids San Francisco LovEvolution & LoveFest
5 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA

peace love unity respect -emo
i just made a black and green striped cuff i love it!!!!
if only everyone could understand the rave culture and what PLUR is about...maybe this world would be a better place!
yew ravers are wack.
Omgggggg How Cuteee iiLOveee Herrr Cufff PLUR<33333