ravers - lovevolution - lovefest (san francisco)

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Photo taken at the LovEvolution /­ Love Fest Festival (San Francisco).­

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San Francisco LovEvolution & LoveFest Kandi Kids
Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Nice picture. Hope you people have a good time and take care of each other and are careful. Hopefully you're not all taking XTC or other drugs but if you are, just be careful and take care of each other....I'm not that judgmental about that but don't feel 'its best' for you either. You probably don't even care...I'm Gen X, which means the Hippies are older than I am, and you people are younger than I am...Acid was starting to fade out and ecstacy was just entering the recreational drug culture when I was a young woman. Be careful, have fun, don't get carried away.