found love letter - stella, my road-dawg

found love letter - stella, my road-dawg, keith, lands end, lost, missouri, point lobos, road dawg

To Stella from Missouri

Love letter found on a remote rugged coastal trail (San Francisco)

This unsigned letter (or unfinished draft) was on the first page of a large black-cover sketch-book with all other pages white.­ Found it under a tree, facing the ocean, near Point Lobos /­ Lands End.­ It was wet from yesterday's rain.­ Hope they find each other.­

The author of the letter stumbled on my photo on the internet and contacted me on Feb 13 2011.­ His name is Keith Steimle aka "Toast", and he asked if I had hear of Stella (no, I have not heard of her yet).­

Fly to this location (Requires Google Earth)

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