inflatable - ghostship halloween party on treasure island (san francisco)

Inflatable - Ghostship Halloween party on Treasure Island (San Francisco) - Space Cowboys

art installation ghostship 2009 halloween inflatable art rave party space cowboys
530 California Ave, San Francisco, CA 94130, USA

Photos taken at the Space Cowboy's Ghostship Halloween party on Treasure Island (San Francisco).­

Years: 2009, 2008.­

I have added the keyword 'ghostship 2009' for the 2009 photos. i'll work on adding the date on all photos, but that's a lot more work, so it will not be done immediately.
right. very good point, i will add the date when the picture was taken, which is currently not visible on this site. you can see the dates on flickr (click 'go to flickr' below). i will also add a keyword with the year, i.e. 'gostship 2009'.
Which are from 2008 and which are from 2009? No date anywhere.