general motors GM EMD G-26 diesel electric train engine (retiro station, buenos aires)

General Motors GM EMD G-26 Diesel Electric Train Engine (Retiro Station, Buenos Aires)

LSM stands for Línea San Martín (the company operating this line).­

Raúl Alejandro Rodríguez wrote:

This is General Motors GM EMD G-26 ex Croatian railways.­ In 2009 were acquired two of them #­1000 and #­1001 but see limited service on the line.­ Today I don't know where are both locomotives as all the line are run with new Chinese locomotives CSR SDD7.­

For more info about the GM EMD G-26 locomotive, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­EMD_­G26.

1000 american locomotive company buenos aires diesel electric general motors GM EMD G-26 linea san martín LSM línea san martín railroad railway retiro station train engine
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photos taken in Argentina in Februaty and March 2010.­

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