quechua shaman - carnaval - carnival in jujuy capital (argentina), andean carnival, face painting, facepaint, hats, men, noroeste argentino, paint, red, san salvador de jujuy

quechua shaman - carnaval - carnival in jujuy capital (argentina)

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First day of Carnival 2010 in Jujuy Capital (Argentina).­

The man on the left, with the face covered with red paint, is a Quechua Shaman.­

During Carnival festivities in the Andes mountains, a local tradition consists in throwing white talk powder, spray foam, serpentine rolls and confetti's to the face of others while drinking and dancing to the music of marching bands.­

For more photos and information about the Carnival in Northern Argentina, read the description of the photo album.

Ecuador 101-200, San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy, Argentina