warning road signs

Warning Road Signs (Argentina)

Signs on Route 40 on the way to Abra El Acay (Acay Pass, 4,895m).­

Despite all the signs and local people telling me that it was a very difficult road, I had no problem at all with my rented Volkswagen Gol, but the season was exceptionally dry this year and the river level was lower than usual.­

You can attempt to cross this pass with a pasenger car only if the weather is very dry (no rain in the past several days) and if there is no chance of storm.­ If you get stuck or break down, it might take days to get you (and the car) back to civilization! So be prepared for the worst case.­

abra el acay acay pass danger lozenge noroeste argentino road sign round traffic sign warning

Photos taken in Argentina in Februaty and March 2010.­

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