track funnel at viaduct entrance

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A sort of track "funnel" at viaduct entrance.­

This system is meant to put back on track any derailed train car at the entrance of the viaduct (railroad bridge).­ On the viaduct there are two pairs of guard rails, so that in case a train car derails while on the bridge, it will likely still be on rails, to prevent a deadly accident.­

Railroad viaduct over the rio toro near Salta (Argentina).­

This train line between Salta and San Antonio de los Cobres is sometimes called "Tren a las nubes".­ For more information, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Tren_­a_­las_­Nubes

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Ruta Nacional 51, Salta, Argentina

Photos taken in Argentina in Februaty and March 2010.­

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