cria - baby llama

Cria - Baby Llama (Argentina)

This baby llama (probably only a few days old) was on the wrong side of the fence, with the mom on the other side.­ I grabbed it and dropped it over the fence.­ It felt incredibly light, just a couple of pounds maybe.­ It ran to its mom and immediately started suckling!

The cria was very calm and tamed, and not scared given the situation, and did not try to run away from me.­ I think that's because Llamas have few natural predators.­ There are no big cats or wolfs, only condors, but baby Llamas are probably too big to be attacked by a condor.­ That's why llamas let humans get very close with no fear - even though they get eaten by people!

altiplano baby llama cria fence fluffy fuzzy noroeste argentino offspring pampa quebrada de humahuaca
Humahuaca - Jujuy, Argentina

Photos taken in Argentina in Februaty and March 2010.­

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For more information about Llamas, read: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Llama