virgin mary breastfeeding baby jesus - nursing madonna

The Virgin Mary Breastfeeding Jesus Infant - Nursing Madonna

This is a rare image where you can see Mary's breast shedding drops of her milk.­ Notice also that Jesus has an adult face, not a baby face.­

This painting is exposed at the Casa Nacional de Moneda museum in Potosí (Bolivia).­ If you know its origin or have more information, please post a comment or email me.

The Nursing Madonna, or Madonna Lactans is a Christian iconography of the Madonna and Child in which the Virgin Mary is shown breastfeeding the infant Jesus.­ For more info about the Nursing Madonna, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Nursing_­Madonna.

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Route Quijarro, Potosi, Bolivia

Photos of interesting Christian Sacred Art that I stumbled upon.­

Casa de la Moneda - Potosí (Bolivia)

This is the old Spanish mint where the silver from the mines of Potosí was transformed into coins.­

The original minting machines are preserved in a near-perfect state.­ The oldest machines were made of huge wooden gears and powered by slaves or animals (depending on availability).­

Later they used steam-powered machines, but luckily they kept the old machines untouched (just in case!).­

This huge building is now a national museum.­

Photos taken in Bolivia in February and March 2010.­

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