traffic zebras - la paz (bolivia)

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In La Paz (Bolivia), the city hires young men and women who dress-up as Zebras and try to force cars and busses to respect traffic lights (which they normally don't respect).­ Zebras jump in front of busses as soon as the lights go red, forcing them to stop.­ They also try to teach pedestrians that they should wait until the light is red for the cars before crossing.­ To be a traffic Zebra in Bolivia is probably the most dangerous job on earth.­

Now I understand why pedestrian crossings are called "zebra crossings"!

This photo was published on CNN: ireport.­cnn.­com/­docs/­DOC-516644

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Traffic Zebras - La Paz (Bolivia) Bolivia
Route Oruro, La Paz, Bolivia

Haha, they are quite amusing trust me. I live in La Paz and these Zebras do a better job than cops themselves. But yeah, more zebras die a year than cats and dogs. :(