rue de rivoli (paris)

Rue de Rivoli (Paris)

This is a very unusual view, from the top of the nearby Tour Saint-Jacques (a medieval tower that is off-limit, no trespassing and permanently closed to the public).­ The photo was taken at night using long exposure.­

The camera is facing the North-West direction.­ The Rue de Rivoli is the one going from the bottom-center to the top-left of the image.­ The street going to the center-right is the Boulevard de Sébastopol.­ The street branching off from rue de Rivoli and going up toward the center-top is the Rue des Halles.­ In the upper-right of the photo you can clearly see the Église Saint-Eustache and the hill of Montmartre in the distance.­

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100 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

Unusual photos of Paris taken at night from the roof of various monuments.­

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I climbed the stairs of the scaffolding :)
So you climb up the scaffolding, like Spiderman?
Thanks! At the time, there was a scaffolding installed for the restoration of the tower.
Like you said, the Tour St-Jacques was permanently closed to the public... SO, how did you get up there? :D Beautiful picture, though! Jaune