manhole cover - shaft - ladder - "catacombes de paris" - catacombs of paris (off-limit area)

manhole cover - shaft - ladder - catacombes de paris - catacombs of paris (off-limit area), bhv, boots, cave, people, plaque, plaque d'egout, plaque d'égout, plaque soleil, puits à échelons, shadow, silhouette, tampon de regard, trespassing, underground quarry, well

Getting out!

The manhole opens on a street sidewalk in the center of Paris.­ This is one of the secret access shafts to the off-limit underground network.­

Catacombs of Paris (off-limit area), about 20 meters (60 feet) underground, under Paris city center.­

This is a part of the 200 Km network of ancient tunnels not opened to the public, but regularly visited by trespassing urban cavers called "cataphiles".­ See more information in the album description.

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