parque cretácico - sucre (bolivia)

Dinosaur Park - Parque Cretácico - near Sucre (Bolivia)

The park is located near a site where hundreds of fosilized Dinosaur footprints (from various species) were discovered.­

This is the cliff where the footprints are located.­ The vertical slabs used to be horizontal, and they were a muddy shallow lake bed frequently crossed by dinosaurs.­ This was a quarry exploited by a nearby concrete factory, until the discovery of the dinosaur footprints.­

For more information about this place, go to www.­parquecretacicosucre.­com

cliff dinosaur footprints dinosaur park parque cretacico parque cretácico slab sucre
Sucre, Bolivia

Photos taken in Bolivia in February and March 2010.­

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