pareiasaur eating woman

Pareiasaur eating Woman - For more information about Pareiasaurs (Dinosaur-like prehistorical animals), read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Pareiasaur

Dinosaur Park - Parque Cretácico - near Sucre (Bolivia)

The park is located near a site where hundreds of fosilized Dinosaur footprints (from various species) were discovered.­

The park contains a number of realistic real-size replicas of various species of dinosaurs.­

For more information about this place, go to www.­parquecretacicosucre.­com

ania bite biting dinosaur park head pareiasauridae pareiasaurs parque cretacico parque cretácico sucre teeth woman
Sucre, Bolivia

Photos taken in Bolivia in February and March 2010.­

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