graffiti or vandalism? (san francisco)

Graffiti - Art or Vandalism? (San Francisco)

This giant piece by AMAZE appeared at the famous corner of Haight street and Ashbury street, on the windows of the old (now permanently closed) GAP store.­ It was in fact a mural commissioned by the new store owner and painted on June 8th, but unfortunately it was cleaned-up a few days later on July 14th, 2007 following complaints from neighboring businesses.­

It looks like the car was vandalized, but it's not the case: in fact this car belongs to an unrelated graffiti artist who just parked it there by chance (perfect for a good photo)!.­

This photo appears for a brief moment in the Banksy movie Exit Through The Gift Shop (a documentary about the Street Art movement).­

AMAZE car graffiti haight & ashbury haight and ashbury haight street mural street art throwup vandalism wall windows yellow
1475-1499 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

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