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abandoned train tunnel

Abandoned Train Tunnel - Petite Ceinture Railway - Gare de Montrouge-Ceinture (Paris)

For more information about this abandoned railway line, please read the description of the photo album.

This is a NO TRESPASSING area.­ Enter at your own risks!

This tunnel is in fact an abandoned train station called "Gare de Montrouge-Ceinture", now covered by a slab of concrete.­

I took this photo at night and in an tunnel with no light, so needless to say it was very dark.­ Exposure time was 209s (more than 3 min) at ISO 200, on a tripod (of which you can see the shadow on the track).­ The only light was the ambiant glow from the city street lights outside the tunnel.­

The wavy white line on the left was caused by someone walking in the tunnel with a flash light.­

17-19 Rue Friant, 75014 Paris, France