floating plastic trash

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Floating Plastic Trash in Canal (Trabzon, Turkey)

Sale of plastic bottles should not be permitted in countries that do not recycle plastic trash.­

And in countries where plastic trash is recycled, there should be a tax on plastic bottles, used to finance recycling and to encourage people to bring their plastic trash to recycling centers where they would get that tax back.­ This is the case in many states in the US, and a lot of unemployed people make money by scavenging plastic trash and bringing it to recycling centers, where they get paid for the trash they bring.­ As a result, there is much less plastic trash in the environment.­

One example is the California CRV: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­California_­Redemption_­Value.

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Plastic Trash Country of Turkey - Türkiye
Trabzon, Turkey