conference bike - cobi

The other day I stumbled upon the "Conference Bike" (aka CoBi), a strange human-powered vehicle created by Eric Staller.­

It's not a bike at all but it is pedal-powered, with 7 seats.­

It's fun to ride but very heavy (made of steel - please make the next one in aluminium!).­ So not really ideal in San Francisco (virtually impossible to go up-hill).­ But it's a very social experience to ride it.­ It's like a self-propelled party on wheels.­

Apparently the vehicle is street-legal (probably falls in the "cycle" category for Traffic Laws?).­

The Conference Bike is commercially available, so check out the website for more info, photos and videos: www.­conferencebike.­com/­

cobi bike conference bike eric staller human powered pedal powered red street vehicle

Photos that are currently not in any other album.­