oshki monastery - georgian church ruin (turkey)

The sorry state of the Oshki Monastery.­ Priceless low-relief ancient carving are supported by shaky pieces of wood.­ Some of the Byzantine art has been either destroyed or stolen.­

The Oshki Monastery is among the Georgian Churches Ruins in North-Eastern Turkey.­

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Çamlıyamaç Köyü Yolu, Çamlıyamaç/Erzurum, Turkey

Photos of Turkey (the country).­

Photos of the ruins of old Georgian Churches and Monasteries located in North-Eastern Turkey.­

This region of Turkey used to be part of ancient Georgia, and those magnificent churches and Monasteries were built around the 10th century.­

Turkey does very little to preserve them because most Turkish people don't have much respect for old Christian ruins.­

The old monuments are now used to shelter farm animals.­ Most of the ruins are rapidly degrading.­

One of them that still has a roof is being used as Mosque.­

Some of those ruins are in isolated, hard to reach areas, sometimes far away for villages.­

For a lot of information about the Georgian churches of the Çoruh Valley in Turkey, go to: www.­choruh.­com/­en/­tarih/­kiliseler