catacombes de paris - catacombs of paris (off-limit area)

catacombes de paris - catacombs of paris (off-limit area), 18.9969, catacombs of paris, cave, gallery, hauteur, hôpital du val-de-grâce, metres, pieds, plate, pouces, trespassing, tunnel, underground quarry, val-de-grace

Stone plate indicating underground depth.­.­.­ very accurately!

This plate was probably carved at the early times of the metric system, where old "feet" and "inches" measures were still used (they were a bit longer than the one used in the USA, by the way).­ The engineer was a bit too zealous when converting 58' 6" into metric.­ A bit like this other sign..­.­

Catacombs of Paris (off-limit area), about 20 meters (60 feet) underground, under Paris city center.­

This is a part of the 200 Km network of ancient tunnels not opened to the public, but regularly visited by trespassing urban cavers called "cataphiles".­ See more information in the album description.

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Catacombs of Paris (off-limit area) Catacombes de Paris - Urban Exploration