sticky rice in banana leaves cooked in bamboo

Sticky rice in banana leaves cooked in bamboo sticks that are placed over charcoals.­ That's the traditional way to cook rice in Borneo.­

Once the rice is cooked, the long cylinder of rice, wrapped in banana leaves, is taken off the bamboo stick and it is cut in small pieces.­

Photo taken at the Ramadan Market near the main Mosque, in Miri (Borneo)

During Ramadan, Muslim people do not eat of drink until sunset.­ They have large food markets where people buy excellent food and drinks before sunset.­ Muslim people do not eat food at the market.­.­ They take food at home and wait until sunset before eating diner.­ However, non-Muslim people (e.­g.­ Chinese, Christians, Hindu, etc) are allowed to eat before sunset, of course, but the restaurants and eateries do not provide any utensils for eating at the market place.­ So you must eat with your fingers!

bamboo banana leaves cooked cutting food market knife miri ramadan market sticky rice street food street market
Jalan Sukan, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Photos taken in the Malaysian states of Borneo island (Sarawak and Sabah).­