speargun and fisherman's catch in floating net

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Speargun and fishes caught by fishermen snorkeling at night with spearguns (Borneo)

This is Kelambu beach.­ Truly a beautiful secluded beach, hard to reach and far away for the nearest village.­ I decided to camp on that desert beach.­

In the night, a couple of local guys came on a motorbike with snorkeling gear, waterproof flash lights and fishing spearguns.­ They swam out from the beach and did their night spear-fishing for an hour or so.­ They came back with a lot of fish in their nets!

The fishermen put the fishes that they catch in a small net attached to a piece of Styrofoam, that floats and that they drag with them when they swim.­

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Kelambu Beach (Borneo) Borneo