kelambu tied island and tombolo

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Kelambu Island and Tombolo (Borneo)

Kelambu is a Tied Island covered by rain forest, connected to land by a narrow shoal of white sand called a tombolo.­ On each side, two beautiful desert beaches and very calm, blue sea water.­ Here is the view from the Kelambu island.

It really looks like paradise, except for all the plastic trash.

Kelambu is truly a beautiful secluded beach, hard to reach and far away for the nearest village.­ I decided to spend one night on that desert beach.­

Photo processed in HDR with Tone Mapping from a single RAW exposure.­

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TTHDR - True Tone High Dynamic Range Kelambu Beach (Borneo) Borneo
Route A1, 89050 Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia