uncle chan dive resort on mabul island (borneo)

This is a scubadiving resort called Uncle Chan, located on Mabul Island, near the famous dive spot of Sipadan Island (Borneo)

I went for one day of scubadiving with Uncle Chan.­ The price was not too expensive, the equipment was good, and the divemasters and crew were very nice.­ I could not dive at Sipadan Island (the best spot), because you need to reserve in advance or pay a lot more due to limited number of permits issued (and scalping /­ gouging by dive operators).­

The diving at Mabul Island, just North of Sipadan, was good, with a lot of marine life in artificial reefs.­ I'd say it's not worth going there just for the diving, but if you are in the region, it's not a bad experience.­

dive center dive resort diving houses island mabul pier row scubadiving sipadan uncle chan

Photos taken in the Malaysian states of Borneo island (Sarawak and Sabah).­