bemo hood - daihatsu midget (jakarta)

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Bemo (Jakarta)

Bemo is short for "Becak Motor" which means "Auto Rickshaw" in Indonesian.­ Bemo's are public transportation vehicles (i.­e.­ shared taxis).­

Those old Three-wheeler Bemos have been banned from Jakarta because they cause a lot of pollution and are old and noisy, and dangerous, but they are still used in parts of Jakarta.­

Those are the last surviving Daihatsu Midget I model bemos.­ The Last year of production was 1972.­

For more information about the Daihatsu Midget Bemo, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Daihatsu_­Midget

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Indonesia Daihatsu Midget Bemos in Jakarta
Jalan Angke Barat, Jakarta Capital Region 11330, Indonesia