mating toads - anaxyrus boreas halophilus (california toads)

mating toads - anaxyrus boreas halophilus (california toads), amphibian, darwin falls, death valley, plants, water, western toads, wildlife

Mating california toads (Anaxyrus boreas halophilus).­

The California toad is a subspecies of the Western toad.­

Those were spotted in Darwin Falls (Death Valley National Park).­

In Darwin Falls, California toads are known to hybridize with Red-spotted Toads.­

For more information about California toads, read www.­californiaherps.­com/­frogs/­pages/­b.­b.­halophilus.­html and en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Western_­toad

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Death Valley
Old Toll Road, Death Valley National Park, CA, USA