L.­O.­V.­E bicycles - burning man 2012

L.O.V.E bicycles - burning man 2012, art, bicycles, bikes, burning man, el-wire, glowing, letters, love, night

LOVE Bicycles by Gary Evans and friends.­

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2012 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

Gary Evans wrote:
Hi There, my name is Gary Evans and I co-created this project with my dear friend Richard Stein in Portland, Oregon.­ Our project was to spread love, so we set out to create bicycles with huge glowing letters and attached actual custom silk-screened love letters (made by our talented and dear friend Kerri McKeighen).­ We rode around Burning Man looking for people to surround with love, sometimes literally as you can imagine with the four bikes.­ We asked people if they would like to write a love letter and to please write it to yourself and if you said yes, we handed you a blank card and a pen from a box.­ When finished, we said you can have any already attached love letter from any bike and take it for your very own, but please leave the letter that you wrote in its' place.­ It c reated a self-generating system of love letters that were so heart-felt and creative.­ Many people were moved to tears.­ Needless to say, we loved doing this, and we continue to do this at Last Thursday Street Fair in Portland, World Naked Bike Ride, and sometimes just for fun! such a great picture! -Love, Gary

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Burning Man Burning Man 2012
Route 3:00, Black Rock City, NV, USA