circular convex mirrors - compound I - burning man 2012

circular convex mirrors - compound I - burning man 2012, compound eye, dust storm, haboob, kirsten berg, people, whiteout

Convex mirrors in dust storm whiteout.­

"Compound Eye" aka "Compound I" was a sculpture covered with circular convex (or "bubble-shape") mirrors.­by Kirsten Berg.­

For more info, go to www.­visualnews.­com/­2012/­07/­30/­compound-i-kirsten-bergs-ne.­.­.­ and www.­kickstarter.­com/­projects/­cofone/­compound-i-burning-ma.­.­.­.

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2012 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

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Burning Man Burning Man 2012
Route 3:00, Black Rock City, NV, USA