(almost) dead duck

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Poor duck dying slowly after being bled.­ Typical market scene (Vietnam)

See the duck's blood which is used to make Tiết canh (raw blood soup), a Vietnamese delicacy.­

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Tiết canh (raw blood soup) - Vietnam Vietnam (Việt Nam)

Everyone always likes to act like the food chain is sooo cruel. Sorry people, that's the way of the world. Do you cry when the lion tackles the gazelle on the Discovery Channel?? Just be glad you're on top of the food chain. Sheesh. I believe any animal that is killed should be eaten, but I understand that killing and eating animals is a natural process. Explain to me why you have canines, you non-meat eaters.
yes, especially with turkeys around thanksgiving!
same thing would go through the slaughter house in the u.s. except thousands are killed to serve you
any animal, including pigs, can become a pet if you adopt them. and by the way, this is a duck (poultry). if you eat chicken, turkey or other poultry birds, that's just what happens: someone else break their neck (so that you don't have to do the dirty work).
oh my gosh those out there are very very mean how could you do this to all god's animal's. Especially the dog's and the cat's etc you name them aren't dogs and cats suppose to be pets. those who eat all animal's are the cruelest people i am disappointed!