butterfly JA1-1 electrical sewing machine - 縫紉機 - 缝纫机 - Máy may công nghiệp - vietnam

Chinese-made Butterfly sewing machine (Vietnam)

This one is powered with an electrical motor.­

The Butterfly is a copy of the famous Singer.­ There are different models of Butterfly, called: JA1-1, JA2-1, JA2-2.­ I'm not 100% sure which one this is, but I think it's the JA1-1.­

The Butterfly are made by the Jinyun Shenma sewing machinery factory (www.­shenmasewing.­com).­

butterfly sewing machine china chinese copy JA1-1 jinyun shenma knock-off máy may công nghiệp singer sewing machine 縫紉機 缝纫机

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