hitachi EX100WD excavator - street scene in Mèo vac - Мотоциклы Минск 125 - soviet-made minsk 125cc motorcycle - vietnam

Street scene in Mèo Vac (Vietnam)

That's my rented red Minsk 125cc Soviet-made motorcycle.­

I stopped at this blacksmith shop to weld a broken braket on my muffler.­ Perfect job done in 2 minutes, he did not want any money, but i gave 5000 dongs (30 cents of a dollar, but enough to buy 5 beers!).­

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Route 4B, Mèo Vạc District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Photos of the Soviet-made Minsk 125cc motorcycle.­ I took those photos in Vietnam.­

The best information in English that you can find about this motorcycle is at the Minsk Club Hanoi Vietnam.

You can also check this Wikipedia article: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Minsk_­(motorcycle)

Photos from of my 30-day trip around Vietnam in November 2005.­

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