melting asphalt (bitumen) with wood fire - vietnam

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Road construction (Vietnam)

1) put some wood between the barrels of asphalt and start a fire so that the asphalt will melt and become liquid.­ If no wood is available, use anything that can burn, like old tires.­ Bonus points if you can burn something really toxic.­

2) When the asphalt start melting, scoop some at the top and pour it on the wood.­ Asphalt burns well, so this will help melting the rest of the asphalt.­

3) Repeat step 2 until the asphalt in entirely melted in the barrels.­ This will take several hours and produce a really nice plume of toxic smoke.­ If you are lucky, you will only need to burn 30% of your asphalt to melt the rest, so you have 70% asphalt left to spread on the road.­

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Road construction (Vietnam, Laos, India) Vietnam (Việt Nam)
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