plastic recycling camp (india)

Plastic recycling camp in a village in rural India.­

Plastic trash is a major problem in India (and in all other developing countries), since most trash is not collected, let along sorted and recycled.­ That's why it is borderline criminal for Companies to sell processed food or drinks in plastic containers in developing countries, when they know full well that this plastic will end-up littering the environment.­

It is good to see some plastic recycling efforts, but still, this is not sufficient.­ See my photos of plastic trash.

Photo taken from the window of a train between Delhi and Lucknow.­

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Photos taken in India in 2013

The highlight if this trip was the Maha Kumba Mela Hindu Festival, the largest human gathering on earth, which happens once every 12 years.­

Other regions visited include the springs of the Ganges river, Varanasi, the Konark sun temple.­

See also my photos of Nepal that I took the same year.­

The problem is that "industrial development" brings plastic bottles and plastic containers in country that do not have any trash collection system, let along recycling.­

Most people in developing countries are used to throwing garbage anywhere because in the past, most garbage was compostable, so it was ok.­ But now garbage is mostly made of plastic, and people still do the same, the throw it away anywhere.­ there are no trash bins in cities, and very few cities have trash collection.­ Sometimes people pile-up trash and burn it, which is not good either when the trash contains lots of plastic.­

My feeling is that corporations should be banned from selling plastic containers and plastic bags in countries that do not have trash collection and plastic recycling.­ In those countries, those corporations should subsidize plastic recycling and fund education programs if they want to sell their plastic junk.­

But that requires political will and most local people are quite poor and they would not want to pay more for plastic stuff in order to fund its recycling.­