woman selling betel nuts and leaves on the market - vietnam

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Woman selling Areca nuts (Betelnuts) and "lá trầu" (Betel) leaves on the market (Lang Sơn, Vietnam)

The Areca nut is wrapped with "lá trầu" leaf (Betel leaf) and chewed for its exhilarating lift.­ Betel quids chewing has been claimed to produce a sense of well-being, euphoria, heightened alertness, sweating, salivation, a hot sensation in the body and increased capacity to work.­

Just like alcohol, tobacco, coffee and sakau, Areca nut and Betel leaf are culturally-approved psychoactive drugs.­

The Areca nut, by association, is sometimes inaccurately called the "Betel nut".­

See the Areca nut Wikipedia article.

See the "lá trầu" (Betel) leaves Wikipedia article.

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Vietnam (Việt Nam)
Lang Son, Vietnam