cave spider - huntsman spider - sparassidae

Cave spider (Cat Ba, Vietnam) - Identified as Sparassidae family (Huntsman spider /­ Giant Crab Spider)

If you can identify the exact species, please post a comment or email me!

Scale: about 5 inch diameter (including the legs), i.­e.­ about the actual size on a standard computer monitor.­

I found similar spiders in other caves, see here.

Maybe a distant cousin from : this one

arachnid arachnida cat ba island cave spider close up cát Bà giant crab spider huntsman spider macro pisauridae sparassidae troglobite wildlife

Photos of Bats, Spider and Geckos found in caves.­

The most challenging photos are those of bats flying.­ Those are very hard to capture, and it requires great patience (and luck!).­


Remember, spiders are good for people.­ They eat mosquitos and other desease-carring insects and they almost never bite people.­ They are nice and friendly, they just have a bad reputation because they look spooky with their 8 legs and their 8 eyes :)

Don't kill spiders! If you find one in your house, leave it alone or gently take it outside.­ Remember, spiders are your friends, they catch and eat mosquitos.­

Photos from of my 30-day trip around Vietnam in November 2005.­

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what is the exact genus? i cannot find any results with "alopidae macamaris". maybe mis-spelled? can you point me to a page with photos similar to that one?
that is a tent spider usually they dwell on wall crevices, wall cracks..they have houses like an arab tent...and waits for others insects to pass by and grabs them as fast as it can..this are grabber spiders ..they dont usually wrap ther victims in web..
its alopidae macamaris
thanks. i'm not so sure it's a huntsman spider. this other one ( [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]... ) looks more like the huntsman. there are discussion by experts unders those two photos on flickr. you can see those discussions by clicking on the thumbnails here: [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]...
Hi everybody, should be a Hunstman Spider. Look at google picture search using the english name, or the latin name: heteropoda. Cheers, Martin
no, it is definitively not a tarantula. tarantulas have short and hairy legs. look at photos of tarantulas: [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]...
i think thats a tarantula i saw one that looked like this on animal planet i could be wrong though but im pretty sure it is