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Raw blood cake in a meat market (Hanoi, Vietnam)

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Tiết canh (raw blood soup) - Vietnam Meat markets Vietnam (Việt Nam)
Hàng Da, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Yet raw blood soup (tiet canh) is very popular in Vietnam. They eat entire bowls of raw blood and they don't seem to get sick or die. but it is dangerous because of the possible pathogens, like bird flu, of course. Cooked blood is of course not dangerous at all and pretty good. It is used in excellent blood sausages in Europe.
It is a well known scientific fact that consuming blood within the human gastrointestinal tract is toxic and becomes fatal to humans beyond small quantities like a few teaspoons. Most food's with the word "blood" as part of the name contain no blood to only trace amounts. If, you are consuming blood, then you should stop.
I love blood it's a favorite thing almong others but, im in michigan, thats in America an I wanna true these foods but fear how i would get them
it is just blood. pure blood, nothing else. as you know (or rather, don't seem to know), blood tends to "cake" naturally and becomes like jellow.
but what is it ? its blood and what jellitan ?