tactical air command - vietnam

Tactical Air Command (Army Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam)

This insigna was on one of US planes shot down during the war (Army Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam)

More information was provided by David de Botton, from www.­F-111.­net and co-author of "The Mighty Vark"

It is the F-111A vertical stab wreckage,of 67-0068 that was assigned to 429th TFS.­ Destroyed 22 December 1972 in South East Asia.­ Sixth CONSTANT GUARD V aircraft lost.­ Target in vicinity of Hanoi.­ Shot down after an assumed lucky shot to an engine gearbox.­ After a valiant escape and evasion lasting a few days, including a near rescue by a HH-53C (tail # 69-5788, call sign Jolly Green 73, from the 40th ARRS, NKP, Thailand, under heavy ground fire, the crew CAPT Bill Wilson and Bob Sponeybarger become P.­O.­Ws.­ (POW REF# 1966-0-01 /­ -02).­ They were repatriated on 29 March 1973 (Library of Congress POW/­MIA).­Callsign: JACKEL 33 (Jeff & Doc Servo).­ Module of this aircraft is reported to be in a research institute in Moscow.­

429th TFS 474th TFW aircraft army museum black falcons crashed debris F-111A hanoi insignia metal military nellis AFB pieces plane red rusted rusty shot down sign tactical air command vietnam war warplane wreck wreckage yellow
Nguyen Tri Phuong, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

Photos from of my 30-day trip around Vietnam in November 2005.­

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It brings tears to my eyes. Thankfully, they returned. Please remember those who did not return from this place, and blazed a new path into modern aerial combat. May they always be held in our highest esteem. They paid the ultimate price for what they believed in.