the san francisco old mint

The San Francisco Old Mint, built in 1874 during the gold rush, was once the busiest mint in the United States.­ One of the last government buildings constructed in the Greek Revival style, it is also the city's oldest stone buildings.­ The mint operations were moved to a new facility in 1933.­

The Old Mint has been closed and abandoned since 1993, threatened by demolition until the federal government transfered the building ownership to the city of San Francisco in 2003.­

The current plan is to reopen the Old Mint in a couple of years after extensive renovations, and use it for a city museum combined with shops, restaurants, and office space for nonprofits.­

I took those interesting photos in august 2004 during a un-official visit organized by a group of local supporters of the Old Mint.­

The highlight of the visit was the underground brick vaults, still equipped with the original engraved safe doors.­

Equipment used: Sony DSC F828 (8 Mega-pixel) with 4GB Microdrive.­

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