България - bulgaria

Those are the best of the 1200 photos I took during an unforgettable 3-week trip in Bulgaria in May 2004, with my friend Susie.­ Some photos have been digitally converted to black-and-white.­

We found the old spray plane parked on an abandonned military air field north of Plovdiv.­

For those tempted to explore the huge abandonned chimical factory (Agrobiochim) near the main road east of Stara Zagora, be careful, the site is patrolled by armed security guards.­ If you meet our friend Vasil (the gard who arrested us for trespassing), say hello to him!

If you are also interested by urban exploration, i.­e.­ exploring disused buildings and factories, abandoned tunnels, etc, check out www.­urban-resources.­net, an excellent database of photography books and other resources on this subject.­

Equipment used: Sony DSC F828 (8 Mega-pixel) with 4GB Microdrive.­

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sofia-opera - giant statue - columns (bulgaria) car insurance - Армеец - armeec - tank - advertising billboard (bulgaria) disaster-man - yellow helmet (bulgaria) disaster-man-skating - rollerblade stunt U (bulgaria) haunted house martenitsa - good-luck rubans - tree branches (bulgaria) rila - rilski monastery - church (bulgaria) rila - rilski monastery (bulgaria) saint john the baptist - angel - severed head - byzantine art - rila - rilski monastery (bulgaria) virgin mary and and infant jesus - byzantine art - rila - rilski monastery (bulgaria) rila - rilski monastery - roof - bumps (bulgaria) rila - rilski monastery - vaults (bulgaria) old-donkey - ears (bulgaria) old women on donkey cart (bulgaria) lada - car splashing water on road (bulgaria) old truck wreck - army truck house (bulgaria) hisarya - Хисаря - old roman city gate - ruin (bulgaria) stork nest (bulgaria) old-bulgarian-women - sitting (bulgaria) antonov colt crop duster nozzle Антонов Ан-2 - antonov an-2 cockpit - crop duster - Баск - bask air - skylink (bulgaria) antonov an-2 tail - Баск - bask air (bulgaria) rooster head - wattle rooster head - red wattle shoe-merchant - lada car (bulgaria) haramiska-pechtera-cave - entrance - trigrad (bulgaria) haramiska-pechtera-cave - ice - trigrad (bulgaria) haramiska-pechtera-cave - trees - forest - trigrad  (bulgaria) trigrad-road - gorge - road - tunnel - trigrad (bulgaria) fresh-sheep-skin-with-ear - skinned (bulgaria) coleoptera - carabus - procerus species - insect (bulgaria) roman bridge near trigrad (bulgaria) lake dospat - islands - sunset (bulgaria) plane-in-batak - aerovodochody L-29 delfin (bulgaria) cooling towers Агробиохим - Стара Загора - agrobiochim abandoned plant - stara zagora - chemical plant (bulgaria) Агробиохим - Стара Загора - agrobiochim abandoned plant - stara zagora - windows - chemical plant (bulgaria) asbestos removal store dummies - pants - clothing store - street (sozopol, bulgaria) black sea beach - umbrellas beach umbrellas black sea beach - couple sunbathing (bulgaria) abandoned-government-building-near-primorsko - roof antennas - KGB (bulgaria) nesebar church ruin - Несебър (bulgaria) cruise ship mooring in harbor mcdonalds in bulgarian (cyrillic) полиция - bulgarian police car - LADA natural arch - natural bridge - black sea (bulgaria) oil-well-near-kavarna - crude oil (bulgaria) rusty tank - oil well (bulgaria) old kraz 255 - КрAз 255 6x6 truck petrified forest (pobiti kamani) near varna (bulgaria) pobiti kamani - "petrified forest" near varna (bulgaria) madara - cliff - view - landscape (bulgaria) shumen-mosque - decorated ceiling (bulgaria) shumen-mosque (bulgaria) ancient otoman clock and calendar (bulgaria) turkish tughra - arabic calligraphy - shumen mosque (bulgaria) shumen-mosque - water well (bulgaria) dandelion damselfly - calopteryx splendens - insect (bulgaria) damselfly - banded demoiselle veliko-tarnovo - city walls (bulgaria) train car - red and yellow emen-pechtera-cave (bulgaria) emen-canyon - gorge and foot bridge (bulgaria) emen-canyon - gorge - foot bridge (bulgaria) emen-canyon - gorge (bulgaria) emen - stove and pipe - store (bulgaria) hotel plumbing - pipes - faucets (bulgaria) old houses in troyan - Трявна (bulgaria) bulgarian peasant - horse cart (bulgaria) rozino-village-fair - circle dance - roms (bulgaria) rozino-village-fair - roms (bulgaria) rozino-village-fair - roms (bulgaria) rozino-village-fair - kids - roms (bulgaria) wood house (bulgaria) zverino - rock wall (bulgaria) train tunnel zverino - train tunnel (bulgaria) Елисейна ЕАД - eliseyna EAD - abandoned mine and metallurgic plant near zverino - smelter - rusty pipes (bulgaria) near-zverino - church - train crossing (bulgaria) leaky-pipe-near-temnata-dupka - water (bulgaria) temnata-dupka-cave (bulgaria) temnata dupka cave entrance (bulgaria) cat eyes vratcha - dad and kid (bulgaria) cow nose cow nose - tongue ledenika-cave - ice lingam (burgaria) swallow bird and nest stormy landscape near belogradchik - sky (bulgaria) abandoned war cemetery abandoned cemetery sheep herd on road (bulgaria) green toad - bufo viridis (bulgaria) belogradchik fortress - walls (bulgaria) near-belogradchik - red rock cliffs (bulgaria) moss rose thorns near-belogradchik - red rock cliffs (bulgaria) near-belogradchik - red rock cliffs (bulgaria) belogradchik - red rock formations (bulgaria) rooster - cock - bird (bulgaria) donkey-wagon - peasans - road (bulgaria) war monument - katyusha - Катюша (bulgaria) geese column head abandoned synagogue - Видин - vidin - columns - arches - vaults (bulgaria) war monument - Видин - vidin - soviet monument vandalized with red paint (bulgaria) air pollution - environment - smokestacks near sofia (bulgaria) sofia international airport (bulgaria)