veterinarian spaying (neutering) a pig

Country veterinarian spays a female piglet (Vietnam)

Spaying is a common and simple surgical operation to remove or disable a female animal’s ovaries.­

Here the operation takes place in the village's pig market.­ The screaming piglet is attached up-side down on a piece of wood.­ The veterinarian performs a small incision that does not cause any bleeding (he must have done that operation very often and knows exactly where to cut).­ Then he inserts his bare fingers (no gloves, no scrubbing) in the piglet's belly through the incision to find the ovaries.­ Hopefuly the animal has a good immune system! The ovaries are extracted, ligatured and put back inside, then the incision is stitched.­ Of course no anesthetic is used, so the piglet was very vocal during the entire operation that lasted no more than 5 minutes.­ After the operation the piglet seemed totally exhausted and suddenly very quite, after oinking very loudly during the whole ordeal.­

This small series is part of my Vietnam photo album.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Those photos have been illegally used to make a slideshow video promoting racism and hate speech against asian people.­ This video was published on Youtube.­ It has been removed after I filed a copyright enfringement claim.­ If you see other copies of this video, please notify me immediately.

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spayed pigs grow fatter, so they can be sold for more money when they get slaughtered.
Fascinating. Do you know why the pig was being spayed? I would love to learn more about how they keep and tend pigs there. The pigs I keep originated in Vietnam.