serpent mother - animated metal and fire sculpture of giant snake

"Serpent Mother" is a giant animated metal and fire interactive sculpture, created by the "Flaming Lotus Girls" (an artist collective based in San Francisco).­

For more information on this sculpture, please visit the Serpent Mother website and the Flaming Lotus Girls website.

Description of the sculpture by the artists:

There has never been a sculpture like the Serpent Mother.­ The warmth of her fire and her circular design create an experience in which over 1000 people come together -- drawn in by her embrace.­

She prompts her audience not only to interact with the art, but also with one another.­ Wherever she exists, she creates new communities.­

The Serpent Mother is a 168' long sculpture of a skeletal serpent, coiled around her egg.­ Propane fire runs down her spine, with 41 "poofers," or flame-throwers, that erupt from the top of her vertebrae.­ Reaching 20 feet in the air, her head and jaws are hydraulically operated.­

Egg cracks openShe is a highly kinetic, participant controlled installation.­ Fire effects are a major interactive, sculptural element of the piece.­ The audience helps to direct her movements, using controls that move the head and jaws and pushing buttons located on the ribs that set off flame effects, effectively making each show a unique event created by the participants.­

The Serpent Mother challenges the traditional art perspective by creating an interactive experience which is the opposite of passive viewing.­ Unlike an unapproachable painiting in a prestigious museum which invites only an intellectual admiration, the Serpent Mother invites viewers to physically engage in her art.­

Watch a video interview of the Flaming Lotus Girls (courtesy of my friend Alyssa).­

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