the boxshop

Photos taken at the BoxShop (workshop of the Flaming Lotus Girls)

fire - boxshop (san francisco), fire blossom, fire pit, flames, flaming lotus girls
copper pipe, flaming lotus girls, metal, spiral, tube
making metal flowers, copper, emboss, flaming lotus girls, hammer, tools
the hand of goddess, flaming lotus girls, metal
breaded beard - fisheye, braided beard, circular fisheye lens, flaming lotus girls
breaded beard, braided beard, cigarette, fisheye, flaming lotus girls, people, smoking
fire in the fire blossom firepit, fire pit, flames, flaming lotus girls
yasi has a big chin, fisheye, flaming lotus girls
fire in the sea star firepit, flames, flaming lotus girls
remote-controlled toy helicopter, aircraft, chopper, flaming lotus girls, flying, helo