collège des bernardins (paris)

Collège des Bernardins (Paris)

The College dates from 1248 (start of the works) and is an outstanding example of Cistercian architecture.­

Universities – Bologna, Paris, Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg.­.­.­ - had just started to take over the role of intellectual centers from monasteries.­ The Cistercians were encouraged to go to Paris and this was the reason for the creation of the College, where the monks, teachers and students lived and worked.­ Most of the University education took place in different Colleges.­

The College was active for some four centuries, but of course the French Revolution changed things.­ The building became a prison (another one!), later a salt warehouse and from 1845 to 1995 served as a fire brigade station.­ In 2001 it was bought by the Paris Diocese and completely renovated, to become a catholic artistic and cultural centre.­

See more information here:

- www.­collegedesbernardins.­fr/­ (official site, in french)

- peter-pho2.­blogspot.­com/­2008/­09/­collge-des-bernardins.­html (in english)

- fr.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Collège_­des_­Bernardins (in french)

I'll be visiting from Sydney in Sept and plan to check out this Abbé! It looks awesome.