hermandad de la exaltación - semana santa en sevilla

Traditional processions during the Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Sevilla, Spain.­

For more information on this even, check the description of my Semana Santa photo album that includes all the photos i took during the holy week in Sevilla (Spain).­

For more information about this Hermandad, check out www.­arrakis.­es/­~nautylus/­exaltac.­htm

Official website of this Hermandad: www.­laexaltacion.­org/­

shocking? why do you find this shocking? if you are american, you should read this wikipedia article [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]... and also this one about the semana santa in sevilla: [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]...
hola,hay de verdad estupendo ilustracions aqui.YO gustaria los!!!!
holy crap,this is cool and it also freaks me out!!!! i respect this collture!! wow,this is shocking.