"lo lo den" tribe (vietnam)

Photos of people from the "Lo Lo Den" (Black Lo Lo) Tribe (Vietnam).­

Thanks to Pamela A Cross from www.­tribaltextiles.­info for her help in identifying this tribe.­

The "Lo Lo" ethnic group's population was about 3,200 in 1989, according Vietnam's official survey data.­

They reside in Cao-Bang, Ha-Giang and Lao-Cai provinces, largely in the districts of Bao-Lac (Cao-Bang), Dong-Van and Meo-Vac (Ha-Giang), and Muong-Khuong (Lao-Cai).­ Like some other ethnoses in northern Viet Nam, the "Lo-Lo" have had their origin in southern China regions such as Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, who, according to historians and ethnologists, had established the Nam-Chien state by the end of the first millennium.­

You can find more information about the "Lo Lo" tribe on the "Vets with a Mission" website: www.­vwam.­com/­vets/­tribes/­lolo.­html