ellora caves (india)

Photos of some of the rock-cut temples and monasteries called "Ellora Caves".­

The 34 "caves" – actually structures excavated out of the vertical face of a hill – are Buddhist, Hindu and Jain cave temples and monasteries and were built between the 5th century and 10th century.­

The most impressive is Kailash Hindu Temple, a huge monolithic temple carved out of the mountain, and made of a single block of stone.­ It was built in the 8th century.­ It is estimated that about 200,000 tons of rocks was scooped out over hundreds of years to carve this monolithic structure.­ This is one of the largest monolithic structure in the world.­

For more information on these monuments, read the Wikipedia Articles:
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Wish I could go and experience this treasure. Thank you for sharing.
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The great contribution to world from the people of Ellora