himalaya motorcycle road trip - manali to leh - ladakh (india)

Those are photos of my June 2009 Motorcycle road trip in the Himalayas (Manali, Leh, Kargil, Srinagar).­

I was riding a Royal Enfield "Bullet" 500cc Machismo, that I rented in Delhi.­

What a journey. It must have been enormously satisfying.
Shan ! The best thing about being a Rider is that you get to know people and the culture and the first and foremost thing in any culture is what they eat and how they greet an unknown person.... Till the time you initiate the Trip you wont be able to know anything about India and Indians...... I on behalf of India Invite you to visit my Land and experience.... You wont find much of a Diff.... Dont hear and plot a perseption, visit US....
in India, food is excellent and people are very nice.
really nice. I also hopes to go to India just to experience snow. I think it is the most cheap place where I can see snow from here Sri Lanka. Only thing I am worried is food and people. I didn't hear anything good on those in India.
Amazing , I am planning for the same with my friends could you please help us more about the Trip by sharing some more details. How long did it take , How much rent for the Bike ? What could be the total expense ? Did you stay at hotels or houses in night or carried 'Tent' ? Also any other detail which you find is important for us. Thanks. Sharad
i rented a bike and went on my own.
Hi , this looks amazing .. was this an organised tour , or did you just rent a bike and do it on your own with a map and good spirits ? im wanting to do something similar with my girlfriend , but the organised tours are all quite expensive ! M
Superb! Thanks for sharining the amazing pictures and info about your experience.
What was the total expense of the road trip? Im planning to go with a couple of my friends later this year.. i checked out a website, it quoted a price of 2000€ :O.
you need to have at least a photocopy of your passport, for the police check-points. but there is no international border crossing on this road, the road stays in india.
hi,passport must necessary for bike trip manali to leh???
yes, i did the trip with a friend on my bullet, but you'd better take a 500cc, because the 350cc with two people will not have enough power to climb the high passes. no, no permit is needed to drive from manali to leh. you need to carry your passport, and there are several army check-points on the road, but no permit needed.
is 2 person can go on single bullet from manali to leh. and is there any permission need for this.