san francisco solano da la bendición - humahuaca (argentina)

The benediction of San Francisco Solano in Humahuaca (Argentina)

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In the village of Humahuaca, in Northern Argentina, every day at precisely 12-noon, on the city-hall bell-tower, heavy copper doors slowly open and a life-size animated wooden, dramatic-looking statue of San Francisco Solano appears for about two minutes and gives his benediction to the silent crowd amassed on the village plaza.­

The Saint's arms and head slowly move up and down.­ The Saint appears brandishing a white cross in his left hand, then raises his right arm and moves his head back.­ After the benediction, the heavy copper doors slowly close and the Saint disappears into darkness (until the next day at noon).­

It takes two men to animate the life-size wooden statue using manual cranks.­

This animated Saint is very famous in the region, and definitely worth seeing it you travel in the area.­ This statue is probably quite old (please email me if you have more information about its story).­ It's an amazing and unique Christian Icon!

San Francisco Solano (10 March 1549 – 14 July 1610) was a Spanish missionary who evangelized North-West Argentina and Paraguay.­ For more information about him, read: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Francis_­Solanus

There are several videos of this animation on Youtube: www.­youtube.­com/­results?search_­query=San+Francisco+Solano.­.­.­